Reservation System FAQs

I’m not receiving my activation email.
If you don’t receive your activation email within 30 minutes, check your spam folder. If the activation email is not there, go to the login page and request that it be re-sent. If you still don’t receive it, check with your school to see if they are using school or district-wide spam blockers. If so, please request that be added to the list of approved emailers. We have this activation process to ensure that all teachers will receive emails from us (confirmations, reminders, etc.) so this is an important step.

How do I change or cancel a reservation?
You cannot change a reservation. But you can cancel and rebook. As you must cancel before you can rebook, verify that there are enough tickets available to make your change. Then click the View/Cancel Reservations menu selection under “Teachers Only” at the top of the screen; a new screen will appear – click CANCEL. You will receive a confirmation email when your booking is cancelled. You can now return to the make school reservation page should you want to rebook for another date or for a different number of tickets.

The only day(s) we can come don’t have enough slots available for us.  What can we do?
Notify our School Liaison at or 415-248-2677 Option 1 and she can put you on a wait list.  And keep monitoring the website as plans change and other teachers may have to cancel their reservations. Those slots are then immediately made available again.

How often do you check your telephone and/or emails if we are having trouble?
We check the telephone a couple of times a day.  We check emails more frequently.

Help — I’m nervous!  Can’t you just do it for me?
We can but we would prefer you do it yourself in case you have last minute changes. Also, if we do it for you, we have to force the information through and you will not be receiving a confirmation email.

What happens if I forget my password?
Request a password reset from the Teacher Sign In screen here.