Performance FAQs

How long is the show?
The show runs a little over an hour. There is no intermission.

What time should we arrive?
We recommend arriving thirty minutes before the show begins.

What about backpack storage?
Backpacks will be stored by class in the theater lobby. No backpacks will be allowed in the theater itself.

Are there lunch facilities?
Weather permitting, the area is picnic-friendly – click here for more information.  No snacks will be allowed inside the theater.

Are there any restrictions on what can be brought in the theater?
No liquids other than water are allowed in the theater. There will be water available for refilling your containers and drinking fountains if you haven’t brought a container. BUT NO JUICE, MILK, OR OTHER BEVERAGE WILL BE ALLOWED IN. Thank you.

Is there handicap access?
Yes. And we have facilities for seven (7) wheelchairs.

Which MUNI buses come close?
Go to the MUNI site to plan your trip..

Is there parking for buses?

Is there a fee for automobile parking?
Yes. Click here for more information.